Each of the dances on this album draws a particular labyrinth whose arms go deep into the labyrinth of other dances, generating, definitely, a labyrinth of labyrinths which is the best metaphor through which the composer Hermes Luaces defines the human life. A series of pieces around the marimba and the vibraphone in collaboration with other musicians.

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2019_Danzas del laberinto.jpg



 Eloy Lurueña | Percussion

 Rafael Gálvez | Percussion

 Julián Elvira | Pronomos Flute

 Daniel Oyarzabal | Organ

 Hermes Luaces Feito | Composer and Design

 Edgar Grau | Sound Engineer

 María Vivo Guevara | Photos


 Recorded at the Casa de la Juventud of Rivas-Vaciamadrid and at the Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor of Colmenar de Oreja | November 2018-May 2019


 Fundación BBVA

© 2019 Hermes Luaces

UPC: 194171259241