Of this solidary album, the tenor José Manuel Zapata explains that it is a "very strange musical fusion", a combination between opera and jazz and all this "mixed with 'pazzia', which is said in Italian, with the Madness of mixing these very different styles. The album is made up of many pieces of lyrical song covered in jazz and popular songs from the thirties and forties, thanks to the musical arrangements made by Pablo Martín Caminero and Daniel Oyarzabal.

The benefits of "Operazza" are entirely destined for a social project of the Gomaespuma Foundation.

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1. Angelina (Louis Prima)

2.. Malia (Francesco P. Tosti)

3. Night and Day (Cole Porter)

4. Vorrei Morire (Francesco P. Tosti)

5. Tarantella (G. Rossini)

6. Il Vecchio palco della Scala (Kramer-Garinei-Giovannini)

7. Santa Lucia (T. Cottrau)

8. Il Vecchio palco della Scala (Versión "vintage")

9. Karaoke de Angelina

10. Karaoke de Night and Day

11. Karaoke de Il Vecchio palco della Scala


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Pablo Martín Caminero | Double Bass and Choir

Daniel Oyarzabal | Piano and Choir

Daniel García | Drums and Choir

Norman Hogue | Trombone and Choir


Pablo Martín Caminero and Daniel Oyarzabal | Arrangements

Daniel Molina | Sound Engineer

Recorded at GBS Studios

© 2013